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Carrier Pigeon Token CPT
Amount 10
Supply Unlimited issued
No price, only proof of invitation to refer more people to the PeaceDAO and spread peace.
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Peace DAO

User Autonomy For Peace Lovers Participating in
Peace DAO Around The World

Who We Are

Initiated by a group of peace-loving blockchain technology punks, it is autonomously organized by peace enthusiasts who participate in PeaceDAO around the world.


Total amount: 21,000,000 (21 million)
$PEACE Trading Fees:
1. 12% fee will be deducted for each purchase.
8% PeaceDAO Sharing Reward, 2% PeaceDAO Node Reward, 1% PeaceDAO Operating, 1% PeaceDAO Developer Maintenance
2. 3% fees will be deducted when selling
1% DAO Global Peace Contribution and 2% Injection into LP


500,000 $PEACE

① Nodes apply for issuance credits, which are provided to members of successful participating nodes
② The $USDT obtained through the quota issuance will be injected into the LP

500,000 $PEACE

Injection into the DEX pool with a certain amount of $USDT
① The address of the pool injection is set with multi-signature and the pool will never be withdrawn
② The $PEACE mined by LP will be injected into the destruction address for burning

20,000,000 $PEACE

By LP mining release
① Mining mode: Generate LP Token by injecting $PEACE and $USDT into the LP in ratio, then transfer 0.0001 $PEACE to the contract address (for the contract address to detect the amount of LP Token to participate in mining) to mine.
② Claim revenue: $20 million $PEACE will be released in about 10 years, once per block time. Each time 0.2 $PEACE is released, you can apply to receive the revenue by transferring 0.0001 $PEACE to the contract address, and the revenue will be credited after the transfer is successful.

What we do

It will contribute DAO's own strength to some unstable areas and events in various regions of the world, and at the same time, make donations to some peace lovers and charities.

Peace Prize

Inspiring more pacifists to come forward and drive the cause of peace and progress in the world of blockchain, a digital Nobel Peace Prize is being created.

Strength of PeaceDao

While PeaceDAO annually awards the winner, it also contributes to some unstable regions and events in different parts of the world, as well as donating to some peace lovers and charities.

Autonomous Peace Lovers Community

Through PeaceDAO Community Self-Governance, we organize a greater force for peace, promote peace, oppose conflict, reject war and influence more people to join the cause of peace.

Gathering Power

PeaceDAO connects peace lovers around the world. Every member who holds a $PEACE and a Peace Pigeon NFT is a force for peace, which builds up into an ocean to promote world peace, stability and development.

Our Investors

Business Partner

Ms. Isabella is a senior blockchain investor from USA who has been exploring the blockchain world for over 8 years. She is experienced in holding key positions, start-ups and developments in companies such as decentralized governance, DeFi, AI Blockchain and logistics blockchain applications. Ms. Isabella is also a peace enthusiast and has founded the Foundation for Peace Charity, which provides financial and material support to people in the Middle East who are suffering from war.

Ms. Isabella Initiator

Pradeep Verma is a technology leader with 15 years of develop experience at a number of large blockchain companies, where he led various technology projects and ensured that the company's development strategy served its business. Pradeep has excellent R&D skills and rich experience in Cloud Computing, DAO, Blockchain technology and NFT.

Pradeep Verma CTO

Richard Allen Greene is a professional marketing executive with an MBA from Birmingham University in Business Management who has been helping to incubate various projects and grow blockchain projects with success for the past 5 years. He followed and joined the peace enthusiast community when he is young and has been a leader in it, working to guide more people to the cause of peace.

Richard Allen Greene CMO

Jacinta Mwende Maweu is a PhD in political science on peace studies, born in Kenya and a graduate of Columbia University. Since completing his PhD, he has worked on African politics and human peace development and has a very unique perspective on the situation today. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Peace Research Association in Africa from 2014-2016 and has made notable contributions.

Jacinta Mwende Maweu Adviser for Peace

Contribute DAO's own power
To some unstable areas