Team Introduction

Ms. Isabella Initiator

Ms. Isabella is a senior blockchain investor from USA who has been exploring the blockchain world for over 8 years. She is experienced in holding key positions, start-ups and developments in companies such as decentralized governance, DeFi, AI Blockchain and logistics blockchain applications. Ms. Isabella is also a peace enthusiast and has founded the Foundation for Peace Charity, which provides financial and material support to people in the Middle East who are suffering from war.

Pradeep Verma CTO

Pradeep Verma is a technology leader with 15 years of develop experience at a number of large blockchain companies, where he led various technology projects and ensured that the company's development strategy served its business. Pradeep has excellent R&D skills and rich experience in Cloud Computing, DAO, Blockchain technology and NFT.

Richard Allen Greene CMO

Richard Allen Greene is a professional marketing executive with an MBA from Birmingham University in Business Management who has been helping to incubate various projects and grow blockchain projects with success for the past 5 years. He followed and joined the peace enthusiast community when he is young and has been a leader in it, working to guide more people to the cause of peace.

Jacinta Mwende Maweu Adviser for Peace

Jacinta Mwende Maweu is a PhD in political science on peace studies, born in Kenya and a graduate of Columbia University. Since completing his PhD, he has worked on African politics and human peace development and has a very unique perspective on the situation today. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Peace Research Association in Africa from 2014-2016 and has made notable contributions.


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