NFT Mint

NFT Peace Prize NFT Peace Pigeon NFT
Mint Peace Prize NFT
1 piece issued annually

Peace Nominate NFT
10 pieces issued annually
Gold Pigeon NFT 76 pieces issued annually
Silver Pigeon NFT 7600 pieces issued annually
Peace Pigeon NFT 76,000 pieces issued annually
Application Each year, 10 Peace Prizes will be nominated by all DAO members.
Peace Nominate NFT will given to the nominees and 1 Peace Prize will be selected and minted into a Peace Prize NFT and given to the winner, who will receive the Peace Prize Rewards at the DAO.
Rules and Applications
Peace Pigeon NFT, the PeaceDAO community contribution symbol, minted in PEACE, and used to vote for the Peace Prize winners. The holders of the Gold Pigeon NFT and the Silver Pigeon NFT are qualified to nominate 3 and 1 candidate per year respectively.

PEACE earned by minting
50% Burn
30% into the Foundation for Peace Prize Reward accumulation
20% PeaceDAO

Members holding the Pigeon NFT are entitled to a weighted vote in the ballot

Gold Pigeon NFT 7600 votes
Silver Pigeon NFT 760 votes
Peace Pigeon NFT 76 votes

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