500,000 $PEACE

①Nodes apply for issuance credits, which are provided to members of successful participating nodes

②The $USDT obtained through the quota issuance will be injected into the LP

500,000 $PEACE

Injection into the DEX pool with a certain amount of $USDT


①The address of the pool injection is set with multi-signature and the pool will never be withdrawn

②The $PEACE mined by LP will be injected into the destruction address for burning

20,000,000 $PEACE

By LP mining release


① Mining mode: Generate LP Token by injecting $PEACE and $USDT into the LP in ratio, then transfer 0.0001 $PEACE to the contract address (for the contract address to detect the amount of LP Token to participate in mining) to mine.

②Claim revenue: $20 million $PEACE will be released in about 10 years, once per block time. Each time $PEACE is released, you can apply to receive the revenue by transferring 0.0002 $PEACE to the contract address, and the revenue will be credited after the transfer is successful.

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