Nowadays, with conflicts, wars and terrorist activities occurring all over the world as well as the Corona epidemic, there are always people contributing to peace and stability in the world. These people may not have much influence, but they do their best to safeguard peace and stability, fight against conflict and war, and try to bring light to the world.

Now a group of technopunkers gathered in the blockchain world hope to give a voice to these peacemakers and show respect and concern for them. Launched the Peace DAO, which rewards people in countries working for peace and providing peace relief operations in countries at war. A community autonomous DAO, initiated by a group of passionate blockchain tech-punks and self-governed by DAO members worldwide, which annually selects the Peace Prize in the Metaverse(virtual world).

Each year, the DAO selects the winner of the "Peace Prize" and awards the Peace NFT. Life's too short for war, we need peace and love. To those suffering, thoughts with you and pray for your strength and safety. The DAO also makes donations to peace lovers and charities. PeaceDAO is a cross-border organization with no political leanings, driven by holders of $PEACE governance tokens. It was organized to support war-torn communities and civilians, to motivate a robust solidarity network and endure to promote peace.

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